Staying Safe When Snow is on the Ground

Illinois sees its fair share of the white stuff when winter rolls around. While most kids love snow, parents aren’t so thrilled to see it fall to the ground. When there is snow on the ground, it puts everyone at risk of slips and falls and other accidents. Furthermore, snow can damage your lawn, trees, and other items on the property. If you want to enjoy the snow the way that it is mean to be enjoyed without the risks, follow these safety tips and do that without worry this winter.

Hire the Pros

Whether you need snow removal from the sidewalks or a professional with the skills and tools for snow plowing oakbrook terrace il, get the pros on the job to remove some of the snow to keep the area safer for everyone. Costs to hire a professional for this service vary, but it is worth the small expense.

Check the Shoes

Do the shoes you’re wearing have good tread on the bottom? Winter time is not the season to wear the slickest of heels and other footwear because this drastically increases the risk of a slip and fall or other accident. Check your shoes before you go out of the house if snow is on the ground.

Anticipate Ice

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There is a chance that you’ll walk on a slippery patch of ice, black ice, etc. so make sure you anticipate the ice so you don’t fall. Ice spot are most common during the early morning hours and in shady areas so use extra precaution in these spots.

Avoid Shortcuts

If you are walking, avoid taking any shortcuts, especially those unfamiliar to you, when there is snow on the ground. It is much safer to stay in areas that you know and trust to avoid a fall or other accident.